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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BumGenius Elemental Cloth Diaper Old vs New

The Bum Genius Elemental All-In-One is the absolute BEST cloth diaper.  I love them and own a million of them, if you're interested in trying out some cloth I would highly recommend starting with these, you can find them on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Several months ago Bum Genius updated the design of their SUPER POPULAR Elemental All In One diaper.  As this is my ABSOLUTE favorite cloth diaper (and I've tried THEM ALL) I was in an immediate panic - would it be as good as the old style?!

In short, yes it is every bit as good.  In some ways its better and in others its worse but in general "That'll do pig."

The new diaper (red)  is bigger, thinner, and has different leg gussets.  The new ones are encased, and fully accessible leading to replaceable elastic.  
The new diapers are thinner because they have two layers less of absorbent organic cotton, while they still have 6 layers in the soaker, they are missing the additional 2 layers that were previously sewn directly into the cover.
The new elementals have a wider and longer soaker so you can now place a full sized insert directly underneath them.  

I hope that clears a few things up for anyone who was wondering, and as always feel free to leave questions in the comments, below are some more comparison shots with the old style in purple and the new style in red. 

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