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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

For no reason at all...

I was cleaning out Jaylee's closet and preforming the ever melancholy ritual of packing away clothes that are too small to ever be worn again when I came across the cutest dress I had picked up earlier this year at a little consignment shop in NC.  I realized that despite its picture perfect design, I never found quite the occasion to dress her up in it.  The dress was size 12 months and as Jaylee is over 20 months I figured there was no way it could possibly still fit her and it would have to be boxed up with the rest of her 12 month clothes but before I did that I had to try, JUST ONCE to see if I could squeeze her it.
Obviously from the photos you know how this story ends, it was as if the dress was made JUST for her!  It was the "Cinderella's slipper" of dresses.  Perfection!  As luck would have it, this also happened to be the only day in Jaylee's entire toddler life that she chose to sit still long enough for me to FRENCH BRAID her hair into PIGTAILS!  Thus...the impromptu, for no reason at all, photo shoot was born!  Enjoy!

About 10 minutes after we started randomly walking around the yard taking photos, Jaylee became FASCINATED by mushrooms, she kept picking them and studying them, trying to taste them, and then finally attempting to build a tiny mushroom house with them.  We might have a budding mycologist on our hands :-)

Finally as we were wrapping up and heading inside, the most delightful thing happened, while the chickens are typically a curious bunch, they don't ever get too close to the toddler...until today!

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