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My name is J'aime Brown but you can call me Jaime, or Jem, or whatever you'd like as long as you read my blog!  J'aime La Maman literally means "I love the mom" or since my name is J'aime it means J'aime the Mom.

Right now, Papa Brown (Shane) and I have one daughter named Jaylee, two dogs (Bond and Basil), two cats (Kitty and Cat), two fish (names TBD), and six chickens.  Its quite the menagerie and we love every minute of it!  Well, we love most minutes anyway.

My life in a nutshell?  Well I was born in WI, I grew up in NC, I lived in MA for many years while going to college and starting out on my own but have settled here in NH.  I hate it when people ask me "Where are you from?" because I never know how to respond.  I studied engineering, I've worked in construction, marketing, IT and operations and right now I work part time and am a SAHM the rest of the time.  I love my family, baking, crafting and photography.  I have many quirks like my left eyebrow slouches a little lower than my right and I'm incredibly stubborn but there are a few people out there that have decided to love me anyway!

I write this blog to document my life and to give validity to all the things Stay at Home Moms do!  I also dabble in website building, graphic design and marketing and use this blog as an outlet for some of those passions.

Finally, I write this blog for my family, hi Auntie Ellen and Auntie Joyce!!  Hi Mom! Hi Dad!  We live thousands of miles from many of the people that mean the world to us so we use every outlet we can find to bring our lives a little closer to theirs.

Please follow along with us and enjoy our how tos, reviews and general prose on life with kids!

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  1. Yey! You found my blog!! I hope you enjoy following along with our activities! Did mom tell you we're coming down in April? I hope we get to see you then!