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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Airplane Success!

You know all that airplane travel preparation we did?  It totally paid off!

Jaylee was PERFECT on the plane, an angel, the BEST baby on board I was SO proud of her and you guys would have been too!  She was cute and talkative, she and I just read stories, ate snacks and joked the whole time until her nap time and then she took my hand, held it on her face and fell asleep in literally about 60 seconds it was SO CUTE!  It was as if she was saying "Hey mama, its time for a nap, gotta go, but I want your hand here, nice and close so I don't get scared"

Once we got to the farm she LOVED running around and seeing everything there was too see, we tried to make it over to the barn but we got a little distracted on the way and had to head home, we'll try again in the morning. 

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing Jaylee's progression of expressions as we took off:

I dunno about this Mumma... what are those loud engine noises? 


Oh gosh...something serious is going down...

This air pressure change is making me loopy!

Oh gosh...too much loopiness.

Blaaaahhhh, MILK!

Oooooh my ear drums are popping, milk is awesome, life is looking pretty good!

Wah hoo! I love flying!

Oh, oops its nap time, sorry mumma gotta go!

Passed out baby...

But our first day on the farm is pretty good so far!

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