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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Dresses!

I know its ridiculous and I don't care, I LOVE matching mommy/daughter outfits.  Seriously LOVE them.  I'm hoping for Christmas one year to have a whole army of family in matching pj's on Christmas morning, I think the photo will be one of my FAVORITE cheesy family moments of my entire life.

Unfortunately for me, most of the world doesn't share my excitement for trans-generational coordinating attire so it was more than difficult to track down matching mommy/daughter dresses for Easter.  But fear not!  With a little bit of a can-do attitude and the help of Scientific Seamstress/Sis Boom you too can have matching dresses in ANY COLOR YOU WANT!

I decided to bust out the ol' sewing machine for this little project and I am just SO GLAD I did.  I have to admit that I am LOVING the 21st century and the prevalence of PDF patterns these days, I picked up the patterns for our dresses over on Etsy (mine is the Jamie dress, and Jaylee's is the Marissa dress) and the detail of the sewing instructions is out of this world.  While I did grow up sewing with my mom, my skills tend to get a little rusty in between projects and this pattern was GREAT at reminding me what to do, and what not to do.  Plus it was a pretty simple pattern to use with only 6 pattern pieces to cut out.  It took me about an hour of cutting per dress, and about 4 hours of sewing.  I'm sure it would have been even faster if I was a daily sewer. 

The pattern super simple, and she walked you through when and how to baste, where to pin, and how to line everything up perfectly. 

One of my FAVORITE parts about this dress was that there wasn't even very much ironing to do!  I swear when I sew I usually spend more time ironing than sewing!

I finished up my dress first, it was pretty quick to throw together, I did it over a few days during nap times.
Next I made Jaylee's dress, I expected it to be a lot quicker because it was smaller but somehow that's apparently not how sewing works!  This being only the second dress I've made for her I realized that I'm definitely going to need to get a child sized dress form because apparently toddlers will NOT stand still for you to take a photo of the dress on them!
It was a really awesome experience, it was super fun and easy, and we got SO MANY compliments when we wore them for Easter!

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