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Monday, March 10, 2014

Celebrating Sleeping Through the Night!

Its finally here!  The day has come, praise all that is good in this world, hallelujah!  I know I'm jixing myself by saying this but we're just so happy (and well rested!) over here that we HAD to share the news!  My toddler is 16 months and 2 days old and as of today she has slept through the night for a SOLID WEEK which in my book makes it an official "habit." 

We've struggled with sleeping, we've struggled a LOT with sleeping.  For the first 10 months we got up pretty consistently every 2-3 hrs at night.  Around 10 months we went from 3 night wakings down to 2 which was WONDERFUL but still made our nightly routine a little "wonky."  

The problem with frequent night wakings as a stay at home mom is not finding a way to get enough sleep, for us the baby was in her crib for about 12 hours at night, minus three 30 minute wakings, that was still 10.5 hrs of potential sleep, and as a stay at home mom I was able to actually sleep for most of those 10 hrs.  

The problem instead is that when you wake up that much, you NEED to basically go to bed when the baby does, and wake up when the baby wakes up, which means you are only awake for 12 hrs a day.  When you do that enough you feel "out of sync" with the rest of the world, like there aren't enough hours in the day.  You spend the baby's waking time with the baby, you spend her nap cleaning, cooking, doing laundry or maybe trying to get a little relaxation, and then you go to bed at 8pm, get up at 8am and feel like you never have "adult time."  

So here's to you baby!  Thank you for giving me my evenings back, thank you for letting me sleep for 8 consecutive hours, thank you for restoring my sanity, and thanks for all of your cute.  But mostly, thanks to you, I now have time again for this: 

I'm glad you and your crib are now bffs because you guys look so great together!

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