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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just a spoonful of sugar...

My poor sweet baby is sick.  She's been sick for a couple of weeks with a nasty cough and a runny nose but this past weekend she got REALLY sick.  Her fever spiked and it was enough for the doctor to ask us to come in on a SUNDAY MORNING to take a closer look!  She was in a terrible mood and I felt so bad for both her and the doc who was desperately trying to help her but couldn't do his job with all of her flailing and screaming.  It was awful for everyone.

The worst part was that we got sent home with antibiotics that she needed to take twice a day for TWO WEEKS and she absolutely despised the way they tasted.  Medicine? For the baby? HAH! Yeah right!

What was a momma to do?  How was I going to convince my cranky toddler that she needed to take her medicine to get better?  I know from experience that trying to sneak it into her mouth will just cause her to spit it up and she was smart enough to know what I was trying to do so she refused to try any food that I might be sneaking her medicine into.  Plus she is going through an independent phase where she doesn't want any food spoon fed to her, if she was going to eat it I needed to come up with a way to let her feed it to herself.

The solution, of course, was cupcakes!

Now obviously I don't want to feed my toddler an entire cupcake twice a day but she LOVES frosting and she gets cupcakes infrequently enough that she was willing to try the frosting on one knowing there might even be a little medicine in it (lucky mom!)  All I did was scrape ALL of the frosting off, take about 1/4 of it and mix it in with her medicine.  Then put the medicine mixed frosting back onto the cupcake one spoonful at a time.  We would spoon some on, give it to the baby to lick off and then put another spoonful on.  This made sure it didn't end up on her hands and we could watch to make sure it ALL got into her mouth.  She only ended up eating about 1/4 of a cupcake worth of frosting and usually didn't want to eat much of the cake part at all.

Success!  Happy Momma, happy toddles, happy family!  

What cupcake?  There is no cupcake here Mumma...

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  1. Poor baby! At least the cupcakes probably make feeling sick more bearable...