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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Starting Seeds with a Toddler

When Jaylee was born I thought gardening would be a wonderful activity to do with a baby, I imagined my lush and perfect summer veggie gardens and how much fun we would have frolicking around in them.

Unfortunately I didn't realize I would get blessed with a very clingy baby who wanted to be held around the clock and while the benefits of baby wearing are numerous, my back simply couldn't handle carrying her while kneeling over weeding/planting/etc for extended periods of time.  After much effort, I finally had to admit that perhaps gardening was not as child-friendly as I thought...until now!

It turns out, Jaylee simply wasn't old enough to be my garden buddy yet but this year, now that she is 16 months we had a WONDERFUL time dumping the soil into the seed trays and placing the seeds into their spots.  While I definitely had to lower my standards of gardening a bit (the seeds are probably not planted at EXACTLY 1/4" depth, and I'm pretty sure we got some mint seeds in the cilantro trays) we still had a great time and I HIGHLY recommend gardening for your next toddler activity!

Its a self funding (or possibly even money saving?) activity as well, we spent $5 on soil, $10 on seeds, and $7 on trays.  If all goes well that's about $22 spent and we should easily get $22 worth of fresh herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peas in the summer!  Plus the trays are reusable so that's $7 we won't need to spend next year!

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