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Thursday, March 27, 2014

I hate thinning seedlings...

Its probably because I spent so much time and effort planting the seeds, watering the seeds and crossing my fingers that the seeds would somehow magically turn into little tiny seedlings but I simply HATE thinning seedlings.

I feel so terrible for the little baby plants that I have to callously chop off the tiny heads of.  I feel like I tricked them, begging them to germinate and pretending to give them a warm loving home only to brutally smite them the second they trusted me enough to emerge from their tiny, safe seed pod home.

It really is my least favorite part of gardening. 

Next year?  I'm going to buy ALL of the seed trays in the world so I only have to plant ONE seed in every single pod, that way if she germinates, I'll tend to her and care for her and help her grow into a strong little plant.  I might end up with hundreds of veggie and flower plants that will never fit in my yard but hey, I'm sure SOMEONE will be happy to take them off my hands, right?

Maybe I'll have a little seedling funeral for them?

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