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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fun with Bath Paint

I was out at the store yesterday, grocery shopping as I frequently do, and as I also do more frequently than I'd like to admit I had planned poorly around the kiddo's nap and feeding schedule.  She was both tired AND hungry.  I was desperately feeding her all the fruit snacks in the cart, hoping the cashier wouldn't later ask why I was buying empty boxes of fruit snacks, while anxiously looking around the grocery store for something that looked like a toy to keep her occupied in the shopping cart instead of giving her junk food.  BOOM!  Like a sign from the heavens I saw these little tubs of paint on an end cap, they were EXACTLY what I needed to soothe my cranky toddler, plus they were only $5!

A few days later I decided to break them out of their packaging and see if they provided any additional entertainment during bath time.  We enjoy our "tubbies" around here so I didn't really NEED additional bath toys, and these were marked "ages 3+" so I didn't have high hopes for my 16 month old toddler really enjoying them.

But guess what?!  She DID! She loved the crud out of these things!!

We had a great time finger painting without worrying about the mess, we pretended it was "War Paint" as we went into battle.  

In fact, these aren't just bath paints, their SOAP too so the messier we got, the CLEANER we got! It was a win/win!

What's also great is that the paint SMELLS awesome too, each color has its own scent!

In summary, if you are desperate for a toddler entertainment toy at the grocery store, or just want to spice up your "tubbies" these were an awesome little find.  I was raving about them to my sister and found out she actually enjoyed using these guys 30 years ago when SHE got tubbies so apparently their awesomeness spans multiple generations!

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